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  Welcome to the LEGAL NETWORK OF AMERICA; a business to business website for LNOA's Forensic Debt Resolution Services. This electronic brochure was created for prospective business partners with new customer monthly sales of 50 or more who need information relating to offering debt relief in a majority of States under an attorney supervised debt relief program. With this goal in mind we have created a single electronic resource for the professional debt services company.  
Attorney Services
  Legal Network of America (LNOA) is a multi-jurisdictional law firm with a nationwide network of attorneys providing a broad array of legal services to individuals and businesses throughout the United States. This network of attorneys has a wide range of legal backgrounds and experience, and has been dedicated to helping consumers and businesses including:

  Trial Consulting
  Accounting Services for Law Firms
  Employment and Employee Benefits
  Advice and Assistance for Consumers with Financial Difficulties
  Business and Corporate Matters
  Litigation and Bankruptcy
  Escrow and Mortgage Services
  Attorney Customer Service
Enroll in Debt Resolution
  LEGAL NETWORK OF AMERICA and its affiliates (LNOA) seek to provide debt relief to help you break free of your debt burden. We are committed to providing the highest degree of quality and ethical service to our clients during the debt relief program that best suits your needs. Our experienced staff takes great pride in helping individuals and families turn their grim financial situations into fresh starts. Our Customer Service Center administrating our debt relief programs have saved millions of dollars for commercial and consumer debtors. Our services provide you with immediate and practical debt relief from creditors and the anxiety associated with debt problems.  
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